Ricks Posaune (4 Channel Tape)

by Christiane Strothmann *1976: Diplom. Modern Electronic Composition.
Created between 2009/2010 at the ICEM (Institut for Computer Music and Electronic Media) at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen Germany.

If the Trombone was a city, – how would it sound like?
A piece made of trombone sounds transformed into concrete and atmospheric city-like sounds. A soundwalk through an imaginary city that tells about the inaudible and emotional events that have taken or will take place within it.  All sounds are taken from an experimental session with Rick Peperkamp.
Afterwards Strothmann transformed the recorded sounds (including some snippets of speech) in the following way:

She wrote a personal algorithm in *Scheme* by which she was able to determine the harmonic and rhythmic microstructure of the sounds which were to be proceeded with *CSound*. The scheme-code generated the CSound-scores of the two
CSound-instruments used for the sound proceeding within Rick’s Trombone.

Premieres were given in April 2012 during the Noise Floor Festival at the
Staffordshire University Beaconside UK, and during the Linux Audio Conference
(Open Source Music and Sound Conference) at the Stanford University CCRMA
(Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) in the USA, one of the leading Computer Music Centres in the World.