Flight 4.1


Written for Ensemble 4Punkt1 (Trombone Quartet and Marimba)

When I started writing this piece in the beginning of 2013, I was thinking about a recent visit to the Bern Airport. Normally on a short time day i usually would walk in a different direction with my dog Caspar to reach the Aare River, but for a longer walk i had to past the Airport. One day i noticed that they were testing a new modern Aircraft.

In this piece you have to Imagine that you are a group of pilots and technicians and you have to do a test flight.

In the beginning of this piece the Aircraft is getting warmed up. From bar 45,  you start to take off with high speed and go up in the air in short time.
At bar 65 you will start your adventurous flight through the clouds. From bar 107 you go Sky-High and reach 40.000 feet very shortly afterwards.
The piece finishes with a heroic theme at bar 137 that presents a successful flight and finally a safe landing.

Flight 4.1 was premiered on the 6th of July in 2013 in the St. Franziskus Church Dortmund.

Ralf Bachmann:  Freelance Percussionist and teacher
Dirk Ellerkamp:  Solo Trombone Dortmund Philharmonic
Harald Hörtlackner: Bass Trombonist Bielefeld Philharmonic
Gerd Schnackenberg:  Solo Trombone New Philharmonic Westphalia
Alvaro Vado:  Freelance Trombonist and teacher

Score & Parts
Difficulty: 6
Duration 6.30 min