Choral for Symphonic Band Op. 30
In loving Memory of Borka Gutzmann 1945-2022
Composed by Rick Johannes Peperkamp

After the Corona Lockdowns in 2020/2021 i started to work parttime as a caregiver for several senior people, because the music business was almost on the edge of destruction.
No more concerts, orchestras were being shut down and lots of amature bands were suffering from bankruptcy because the local govnerment could not support their municipalities anymore.
I met a lovely lady (Borka) who was suffering from strong Alzheimer disease. She was a well educated pharmacist and it saddened me a lot te see her suffer and going backwards each time i visited.
My job was to support her with daily activities such as: body and mind exercises, games that included Chess and other boardgames, and most of the time, piano playing.
Although her mind was taking over her body which eventually led to her death, she was always interested what was going on in my life and we had the most amazing conversations i will never forget.
This piece is a reminder of her character, her warmth, and the greatest Smile i’ve ever seen that really shined through the roof.

Score & Parts
Difficulty: Grade 2.5
Duration: 3.30

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